Act For America: Muslim Day On Capitol Hill

Act For America: Muslim Day On Capitol Hill

To: Arthur Telles
Subject: Muslim Day on Capitol Hill
Date: Dec 8, 2009 8:27 AM

Muslim Day on Capitol Hill 
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Dear Arthur,

Back on September 25th, a few thousand Muslims gathered on Capitol Hill, a number well short of the 50,000 the event planners were shooting for and hoping for.

An ACT! for America team, led by two of our Florida chapter leaders, was on hand for the event, and was able to interview a number of the Muslims who attended.

  • In one case, the discussion centered around whether or not homosexuals should be put to death under shariah law. Care to guess what the Muslim’s position was?

  • In a second instance, the team interviewed a disciple of terrorist Sheikh Gilani. Sheikh Gilani’s organization is behind the creation of some 40 secretive compounds in this country which are the focus of the video documentary “Homegrown Jihad.”

    This interview is an eye-opening example of how, when confronted, Islamists deny even the most obvious and documented facts.

  • In a third instance, our team captured some very revealing video about the place of women in Islam.
All three of these videos are now available for public viewing, and we encourage you to view them and pass this email on to others. For if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth 10,000.

 “Homosexuals must be killed…”


“ACT! interviews disciple of Islamist terrorist Sheikh Gilani”

“Intriguing insight into a dominant male theocracy where men are intimidating and threatening and where women are segregated, submissive, and subjugated.”

Lift Up America... Again!!!

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