Unions, Lenin And The American Way

Unions, Lenin and the American Way

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My earlier article Obama the Pitchfork Operator: A Remake of the Soviet Classic pointed at the similarities between Obama's and Stalin's methods of governing by pitting unions against businesses. Many readers have emailed me asking to write more and compare the roles of the unions under socialism (as it existed in the USSR) and capitalism (as it exists in the USA). 

This essay is an expanded response to their questions.
1. Lenin: Trade Unions are a School of Communism
2. Incoming: Forced Inequality and Economic Injustice
3. Unions: A Study in Collective Greed and Selfishness
4. Rigging the Economy in the Name of "Justice"
5. Want a Financial Crisis? Impose "Fairness"
6. The Fallacy of "Economic Equality"
7. Joyriding the Gravy Train of Material Inequality

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