Susan Swift In Glendale

Susan In Glendale

Susan Swift interview by Tami Devine on Patriot News Network

Susan says, "I am my husband's girlfriend and mother of our seven children" who is "just a MOM" whom God promoted from lawyer to MOM... but after watching and listening to Susan on this 10 minute video, it is obvious that, in addition to being an experienced and God blessed with wisdom MOM, she has a natural talent to communicate herself with clarity and deep substance.

At about 7min. 36sec. on the video, Tami asks Susan, "What do you do now? What happens next?"

Wise and priority minded MOM Susan says, "Go home and make dinner. That's my job. And, I'll do the very next thing; whatever it is, I don't know."

Why do I point out "... do the very next thing; whatever it is, I don't know?"

As a natural born communicator, maybe Susan should consider talk radio... or talk tv... or joining 5 children MOM and Governor Sarah Palin and 5 children MOM and U.S. Representative Michelle Bachman in the political arena of ideas and be involved in directing the (at 8min. 57sec.)
"... battle of ideas in our country. ... Are we going to become a socialist nation, or are we going to stay in the private sector?  Do you believe that the private sector is the best way to solve problems, or do you believe the government is the best way to solve problems?"
What do you think Susan Swift should do next? Should Susan consider becoming a citizen legislator?

On her blog, Susan says to email her at susaninglendale (at) gmail.com... God Bless you Susan Swift, and your husband and your children... and continue to lift up America.

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