Obama Is Dismantling America

Obama Is Dismantling America
Exposing America to Danger – by Thomas Sowell


> "When a President of the United States has begun the process of dismantling America from within, and exposing us to dangerous enemies outside, the time is long past for being concerned about his public image. ..."

Mr. Sowell,

While I agree 100% with your sentiments as stated, I have a pet peeve point of contention with ALL pundits, not you specifically, who merely state what Obama is doing to implement what he said 5 days before his inauguration, "... we are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America."

> 8 seconds on YouTuge -

Transfroming America from what to what?
Dismantling capitalism brick by brick?
Maybe positiong himself and America to the left of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Fidel Castro of Cuba?

Remember the Chavez speech when he said that he, Chavez, and Castro had to watch out, or they would find themselves to the Right of Obama if he succeeded in implementing his transforming and redistributive agenda on America?

Before the muskets of the citizen militia are confiscated and dissent is restricted, when is the federal and state legislative and judicial call to arms going to be sounded by right thinking print and media pundits such as yourself and Walter Williams and Mark Levin and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh et al.?

Isn't "...fundamentally transforming" America without "redistributive" constitutionsl authority a subversive act, a dereliction of duty to "protect and defend" the constitution?

Isn't that a subversive "high crime and misdemeanor" offense?

If "fundamentally transforming" America into a socialist state by taking advantage of a fabricated "crisis" without the amendment process isn't a "high crime" offense, then what is a "high crime" offense against the U.S. constitution?

Who in the public spot light is saying that Obama is acting beyond the constitutional 10th amendment negative rights restrictions and without "redistributive" authority, and who is ACTIVELY making a legislative and judicial concerted effort to STOP Obama in his "Lenin wanna be" commune(ist) agenda???

Lift Up America... Again!!!

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