Apology Form

Formal Apology Form From Bureau Of Communication

Use this apology form to facilitate and streamline apologizing. Apologist-In-Chief Obama has not finished apologizing for America's greatness... now Americans can apologize to the free nations of the world for POTUS Obama's great apology tours.

See other Bureau of Communication forms here:

- DECLARATION OF ROMANTIC INTENT - To reveal the extent of one's attraction.
- UNSOLICITED FEEDBACK - To express an opinion or insight.
- OBSERVANCE OF HOLIDAY - To celebrate an annual event.
- AIRING OF GRIEVANCE - To communicate a problem or issue.
- FORMAL APOLOGY - To express remorse (heartfelt or forced).
- STATEMENT OF GRATITUDE - To show appreciation or thanks.
- OFFICIAL INVITATION - To request participation in a happening.
- ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF OCCASION - To observe a birthday, bris, or victory.

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