We Are All Christians – For As Long As Jesus Is Jewish…

Responses to "Shlomo Molla, Religious bigotry, and My Personal Third Rail"

‘Third Rails’ are appropriate for discussion, so thanks for the opportunity to touch the 3rd rail of religion for a moment.

Whether we are grafted in Gentiles, “practitioners”(?) of “Messianic Judaism” or friends of “Jews for Jesus” who are simply ‘cristianous’ Jews oriented to evangelism, all Christians in this 21st Century are ‘cristianous,’ although only Jews in Antioch were the first disciples to be called ‘cristianous’ Jews… and now, today, all of us are ‘in Christ’ today just as were those 1st century Jews for Jesus disciples when ‘the disciples were first called Christians (’cristianous’) in Antioch.” (Acts 11:26… see the Greek)

Shlomo Molla is a Jew, but not a Christian, and his spiritual vision is clouded if he thinks that stealing from Christian Jews is appropriate… so what else is new, huh? Evangelism begins at home, although the Israeli Knesset is not the appropriate setting. Maybe jail would be appropriate?

“… trust me, we don’t want to turn Jews into Christians.”

One small quibble re: word definition and intent.

Since Christian is the Greek word that corresponds to the Hebrew Messiah (anointed one), biblically speaking, to ‘turn’ a Jew or a Gentile into a Christian is definitely appropriate verbiage with the understanding that ‘turning’ does NOT mean forsaking being Jewish (Jesus is STILL Jewish)… or changing color… or changing ethnicity… or changing nationality… or changing gender… because as long as Jesus IS Jewish, a ‘cristianous’ Jew will FOREVER be a Jew too… a Christian Jew forever, just as the Jewish disciples in Antioch were called Christians, as mentioned in Acts 11:19, and were still considered Jews.

The debate about being Jewish and Christian seems trivial and divisive just as being ‘of Apollos’ or ‘of Paul’ or ‘of whomever’ was divisive for the nascent church. And focusing on being of denomination “A” vs. denomination “B” is as divisive today as it was then. To ‘denominate’ is to define a difference.

In that sense, it seems to me that to define a person as a member of the Roman Catholic denomination… yes, denomination… vs. a “practitioner of Messianic Judaism” vs. being associated with “Jews for Jesus” vs. being associated with the Dobsons and Falwells of the so-called ”religious right” is as divisive to the body of Christ, the universal church, today as being of Apollos or of Paul was divisive to the nascent church 2000 years ago.

Back to politics…

The political definitions are a different breed of animal, and are entirely appropriate… so, VIVA la revolucion of Madam POTUS Sarah Palin in 2012, and Newt Gingrich for Sec. of State, and Gen. David Patraeus Sec. of Defense… and more principled conservative Republicans with the go-for-it gumption of Sarah Palin and the vision of Ronald Reagan.

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