What Is The Difference Between Religious Islam and Political Islam?

Welcome to the first self-study course on Islam.

We need to ask the question: why is this the first self-study course on Islam? There are many books on Islam, but there has never been a course presumes that you know nothing about Islam and then leads you step by step to provide a thorough knowledge of Islam. This course is in three levels. These talks are the first level, and at each level, you will see the whole picture of Islam.


What is the difference between religious Islam and political Islam?

Do you remember when some Danish artists drew some cartoons of Mohammed? There were weeks of rioting, threats, lawsuits, killings, assassinations and destruction by Muslims.

If Muslims want to respect Mohammed by never criticizing, joking about him and taking every word he said as a sacred example--that is religious.

But when they threaten, pressure and hurt non-Muslims for not respecting Mohammed, that is political.

When Muslims say that Mohammed is the prophet of the only god, that is religious, but when they insist that non-Muslims never disrespect Mohamed, that is political.

When the newspapers and TV agreed not to publish the cartoons, that was a political response, not a religious response.

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